Over the years, Coffee for Cause has been bringing together a cross-section of ‘responsible’ champions from various cause verticals for informal talks over coffee, to seriously discuss causes that matter. By now, many of us have realised that in most forums and seminars the participants tend to talk in generalities – while some talk about their vision without spelling out implementation ideas, some talk about implementation issues without any proper understanding of the larger vision or goal.


Coffee for Cause, by virtue of being a regular meet-up, fills a crucial gap, enabling conversations that go on, to help build partnerships and understanding, and to give a boost to scattered efforts that are for one cause or the other.


To ensure the continuity of conversations among sustainability and CSR decision makers as well as individuals at development-focused entities – with the objective being to make these conversations inclusive, relatable, and accessible to everyone.


Coffee for Cause, Edition 7

21 February 2023 |India Habitat Centre | New Delhi