Of course you can just follow the diet and remain in ketosis. Not everybody is in 100 all the time and this is a way to supplement those cheat meals(oh no! i swore on the keto sub) and make them less detrimental to your diet. Keto Meal Replacement is the perfect complement to Kegenix™ PRIME ketosis powder in helping to elevate and sustain ketone levels for optimal health and energy. It is suggested to take PRIME in the morning and Meal Replacement in the afternoon. With BHB exogenous ketones, Kegenix PRIME acts as an exogenous ketone bodies supplement. It provides readily available ketones way before the body starts producing its own ketone bodies after its glucose stores have depleted.


This product represents a huge shift in the fitness, health and wellness industries towards sustainable, clean, safe and back-to-nature supplements that work in harmony with the body’s own metabolic processes. This is one of those products where consumers are likely to know what they like before they pick it up. You’re either delighted or disappointed by the ketones, delighted or disappointed by the macros, you care about the lack of artificial sweeteners or you don’t. One thing that’s objective is that the nutrition is solid and it’s pretty low in calories, so it can fit into a variety of ketogenic diet plans. Keto Meal has an interesting advantage in the niche keto supplement industry because they use Dom D’Agostino’s patent from the University of South Florida for exogenous ketones. The benefits of being in a ketogenic state are numerous, and more are being discovered every day. Our mission at Real Ketones, and the passion of Rob and Gary, is not just helping you get into ketosis. It is helping you sustain a ketogenic state in the easiest way possible to improve your health.

Regal Keto: Legit Weight Loss Results Through Natural Ketosis?

The BHB and MCT bring in exogenous ketone bodies and ketone body precursors respectively. Meanwhile, the ketogenic amino acids support the conversion of the BHB, MCT, and other crucial substances into their necessary forms to sustain ketosis in the body. After contacting Kegenix I found out that the caffeine content from the green tea extract was a mere 75mg. I should have realized the energy I was feeling wasn’t from caffeine because there was no crash. Kegenix consistently produces about 6-8 hours of clean energy. There is a lot of research on how good ketones benefit your brain. It can fit into any keto diet or paleo diet, helping with weight loss, mental clarity, fat burning and it’s a good source of energy. Ketones are a powerhouse of energy, having 225% more energy than glucose, while not producing the by-product of lactic acid. IGNITE combines ketones, caffeine, and AAKG with glucuronolactone to help increase strength and lean muscle gains while inhibiting the synthesis of toxic by-products and reducing fatigue. Ketones and a ketogenic diet appear to replace the energy and reduce the damaging effect of excess glucose to the brain.


It does make for a decent snack and blending the frozen berries and spinach with it really helped to add some bulk to make it FEEL like a meal. And, honestly, we can say this is one of the best ketogenic supplements we have ever tried. We didn’t even feel ANY brain fog or lethargy as we continued using it throughout our ketogenic diet. BHB or beta-hydroxybutyrate is one of the ketone bodies our body uses as a source of energy during ketosis. It can be produced in the liver by converting medium-chain triglycerides kegenics and long-chain triglycerides from one’s fat tissues or diet. This is how I first started using Kegenix and how I will continue to use it after this 5 day trial. Although I do not have evidence, I do believe it speeds up the time it would normally take my body to get back into ketosis and producing its own ketones. For example, after a carb binger on a Friday / Saturday, the next day i would feel intense cravings. It is kind of an odd experience because your mind is thinking “hey, shouldn’t we be hungry?

Kegenix Prime Weight Loss Pills

This can increase the GABA and its ability to resume being the powerful neurotransmitter it is. This relieves the brain of its stress, and helps it become more alert. Those beta-hydroxybutyrates in the ingredients list are the exogenous ketones, and BHBs make up to 78 percent of the total ketones in the blood. Without getting too bogged down in the science, the idea is that BHBs help to provide energy when you’re in ketosis.

Research has proven that BHB supplements are effective in increasing beta-hydroxybutyrate levels in the bloodstream. More BHB in the blood makes it easier for different cells in the body to get into ketosis. Furthermore, the same research has indicated that BHB cansignificantly reduce blood glucose levels. Kegenix PRIME’s main ingredients are the sodium, calcium, potassium, and magnesium salt forms of BHB, along with MCT and ketogenic amino acids.

Kegenix Real Ketones Keto Meal Replacement Drink Ingredients & Benefits

Kegenix Prime is a nutritional supplement that helps you get more from your ketogenic diet. Find out what other benefits you can get from Kegenix Prime. However, its high-calorie content means that this product is almost a meal replacement drink, and that means you’ll need to allow for these extra calories when you plan your meals and menu. You’ll get the best results from this product if you exercise regularly and follow a strict keto diet. If you exercise rarely and aren’t on keto, this product won’t do much for you. The high MCT content is also very beneficial, especially if you usually use MCTs as part of your ketogenic diet.


Available in multi-serving containers or individual sachets, it’s a convenient, easy product to use. ❗️ Taste – we’ve mentioned this before but it’s worth saying again, Prime is not one of the best tasting exogenous ketone products on the market right now. It may well be available in three different flavors, but user reviews suggest that they are all as bad as each other! If you can gulp down 8-12 ounces of water quickly, you may be able to tolerate the unpleasant taste. But if you are more of a sipper than a gulper, you may find this product is undrinkable, even if you mix it with liquids other than water.

Ketogenic Reviews

I’ve been using Keto Body Tone as a reliable supplementation It gives me an immediate increase in ketones so you can achieve ketosis snappier, appreciates mental clearness, and continued vitality levels. In plain terms, this means they are designed to be digested and assimilated very quickly. Because of this, Pruvit claims that their product starts working in as little as 30 minutes. Nutritional Ketosis is when blood ketone levels are between .5 mmol/liter and 3.0mmol/liter of blood. On the other hand, precisely to prevent this from happening, kegenics ketosis can be exacerbated. This phenomenon occurs because the ketone bodies are acidic and lower the pH of the blood, that is, they make it acidic orange blast, to dangerous levels energy. In addition, they affect several organs to their normal burn fat metabolic processing. The second is that it prevents hypercaloric intake and fat accumulation due to excess carbohydrates. With a keto diet it is impossible to accumulate exogenous ketone an excess of blood sugar glucose and, therefore, of fat from an excess keto of energy.

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That’s a little pricy (I’ve seen keto meal replacements for $2), but since Kegenix has those fabled exogenous ketones you may find the price worth it. Kegenix developed products that put ketones directly into your body to obtain and sustain a ketogenic state, simply and easily. We developed a product that puts ketones directly into your body. Rob Rogers and Gary Millet, the founders of Real Ketones, believe in the power of ketones to help people. They licensed the D’Agostino ketone technology from the University of South Florida, in the hopes they could develop a product that made getting into, and sustaining a ketogenic state, simple and easy. And now, its third-generation product, PrimeD+, makes the transition to , and sustainment of a ketogenic lifestyle simple, painless and most of all, EASY. Real Ketones discovered how powerful ketones were by following the work Dr. Dominic D’Agostino did with Navy Seals. He was able to solve their seizure issues when using rebreathers during their missions.

You will find that Meratol has been part of many clinical trials and its ingredients have been used by other popular weight loss pills such as Capsiplex for example. ❗️ High in calories – some exogenous ketone products are very low in calories. Kegenix Prime contains a hefty 163 calories per serving. This is because each scoop or sachet also contains 21 grams of fat from MCTs. Considering this is a weight loss product, the level of calories, fat, and carbs seems a little high. You’ll need to eat less and include these calories, carbs, and fats in your daily nutrition totals. If you don’t, you could find yourself gaining weight and not losing it. People love the fact that the product actually keeps them full without causing any hunger pangs. They say that this is one of the best keto meal replacement shakes for weight loss.