CB Talk

Because ideas give us food for thought, and lived stories the wisdom and courage

An extension of the Thought Leadership concept, CB Talk is a platform for initiators, impact makers, thinkers, doers, idea generators, and change leaders to speak about what drives them in their pursuit of their goal, to share bits about the journey and nuggets of experiences, and to take forward their story of impact to the rest of us, for in all of that talking and sharing we are sure to find camaraderie, comradeship, and chunks of magic.

In their individual slots of 9-minute talk time and 3-minute QnA, speakers will share how they have turned ideas into reality, and along the way prove how belief, commitment and effort can bring about the change that each one of us wants to see at the level of the individual, the society, and the planet.

My bit for the environment

The talk theme for this first edition is ‘my bit for the environment’ and individuals who have invested their thought, time, energy and efforts in this domain will be taking over the CB Talk stage.

The objective of the talk is to move and inspire people, communities and organisations with innovative and practical ideas, and spark eclectic conversations around battling climate change and the adverse impacts thereof. The names of the individuals who will speak at CB Talk will be announced shortly.